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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Bits

OK, OK...I just can't help myself.  Another new one...go ahead....50 lashes with wet strands of floss....;)

Little bits and pieces from the first block of  In My Garden, by Hatched and Patched Designs.  I am using wool felt (surprise! surprise!) for lots of the little tiny pieces for this block.  Check out my tiny trees:

I did not plan this for my bird...but when I placed the French knot for the eye, the pattern on the fabric, gave me this.  My own 'angry bird.'  (For those not familiar with the term..a very popular video game.)

And a total picture of my birdie.

A close-up of the little flower field

and the fountain...with all the pieces in place, ready to stitch.
There are still a lot of parts for this block...so - back to work!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bluebirds and Berries....my way

Not a bluebird in sight!  I guess mine will have to be called Blackbirds and Berries, or as I had mentioned to Anne Marieke, Crows and Cherries. :) 
Here is the original quilt, Bluebirds and Berries.   It is very pretty, but I wanted to make it more 'mine.'  :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sneak Peek

Another new one....just a tiny peek for now.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 Most of us know what that is...'tuit'...you know a round tuit.  The everlasting symbol of procrastination.  "I'll do it when I get 'around to it."  Right?  All quilters, stitchers have those projects, don't they?  I cannot be the only one with a 'few' projects that are on my TUIT list.  There always seems to be a new project that will get me totally distracted and another one goes onto the TUIT list/pile. 
I have been making a small attempt to clean-up my TUIT list.  One of the projects was Postcard Cuties for Winter by Bunny Hill Designs.  All that was left to do was to finish the applique on two scalloped borders and the four corners.  I am proud to say that this one is now crossed off that every-growing list!
Now...what's next?  ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Definitely!  I was on a small 'home improvement' kick...at least through a bit of sewing.  I made three new covers for my throw pillows for the sofa, after purchasing a new slipcover and new living room curtains.  Then, my attention was drawn to my kitchen curtains (which I have only tolerated for now).  It seems I can never find exactly what I want regardless of how much actual shopping or web browsing I do.  So I sat down and tried to decide what I like.  First, my kitchen window is 72" wide.  Of course I have always had the usual valances and short panel curtains that have been available.  But I wanted something different for a change...something in colors that I knew I liked and with a pattern I liked.  After that overwhelming introduction, here they are.  Still short panel curtains with a valance, but with a little something added...a checkerboard and a few stars....a couple of my favorite things.:)

I drew the pattern for one 'scallop' on the valance on freezer paper.  It was a matter of making three additional scallops on the paper and ironing it to the fabric.  My biggest fear was that the valance would be too short or too long. It turned out to fit exactly into the window frame the way I wanted...with no shirring on the rod  so that the scallops would hang flat and straight.  The stars?  What else?  Wool felt!
Oh, and have you ever tried to take pictures of curtains in your window when the sun is shining?  Almost impossible!  These pictures were actually taken before the sun came up this morning.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Is it Halloween yet?

First, let me say I am sorry if anyone is having trouble reading my blog.  I have checked and rechecked all the settings and everything appears to be fine.  I have no clue why the background would show up dark.  I currently am using a fall template that has all the code provided.

Now...Halloween, anyone?  I know, I know.  A little early, you say.  But I have three projects completed recently, all Halloween-related.  First, one of the newest kits from Shepherds Bush, "Get Scared."  (I didn't use the wording that was provided on the chart.  A fun little kit that stitches up pretty quickly.  You know I had to do this one....a sheep and Halloween?  Of course!

Second (and third) are my witch's shoes from the Bewitching Boo-tique Club from Bedecked and Bedazzled.  All of the items in this club will be needlepoint, with lots of fancy threads, buttons, brads and trims.  They will have an ornament-type finishing...hopefully, soon!
(this one has been done for a while)

I finished this one today...which is good, as the third kit should be arriving soon!

**Note:  Carol.....c'mon....get stitching on your little shoes! **

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Third Barn

Finished the third of four of my barns for the Little  Red Barns quilt.  Another cute block. :) 
Although it looks as though one leg of the windmill is crooked, it is the way the fabric puffed up a bit, when I placed it on the table.

*** NOTE:  I cannot take credit for selecting the fabrics for these blocks.  They are provided in the BOM kits from Shabby Fabrics.  The 'windows' portions are preprinted on fabric and provided with the pattern and buttons.  ***

My Penny Rug

I have always looked at and wanted my own penny rug.  I know I have looked at the shop models over and over again, trying to decide if I could actually make one, and like it.  I think I have managed to do it!

I think my Willie Raye chickens like it, too!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Too Cute!!

...and it's free, too!  Erin Russek released this little freebie on her blog yesterday morning.  Needless to say, I fell in love with her cuteness!  I had to stop eveything and make her right away.  My little Christmas Angel is stitched on Kansas Troubles Warm Memories fabric with all wool felt for the applique.

Isn't she sweet?  Check out Erin's blog here.  Lots of nice patterns and some great applique tutorials.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How could I forget?

Maybe because the weather has been so dark and dreary for the past several days.  I was waiting for a nice day with some sunshine to be able to hang my finished "bizzy garden" (now it's official name) on the fence and take a few pictures.  Beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine, but with quite a bit of wind 'gently' blowing. :)  So the quilt looks puffed out, since the wind would blow every time I would get ready to snap the picture! 
(Again, that shadow that divides the quilt in half is from my roof overhang.  Unless I wait until late in the afternoon, this is what happens.)

Here it is overall, although the top portion is overexposed.  At least you can see the overall effect of the borders.


New curtains and a new slipcover for the sofa called for a few new pillows.  Very quick and easy to make (especially since I reused the pillow forms I had used on the old pillows).  The fabrics are from my Primitive Gatherings fat quarters I used for my garden quilt. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

More wool

In the midst of making my flower block for my little garden, I decided to also make a wool mat for the table.  Lots of circles, but very easy to make using my GoBaby! cutter.  Here's a picture of it all together and ready to be stitched.  It is only glue basted for now...and I notice (of course after the picture) that one of the little stems is crooked.  Not to worry, it will be straightened out during the stitching.

(The two black circles at the top are magnets to hold it onto my refrigerator, which has lately become my place of choice for pictures).
My 'bizzy garden' is all together!  Woohoo!  Big Hapy Dance time!   I will try and get a few pictures once the sun comes out around here today. :))