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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Heck of a start....

for the new year, that is!  Wow!! 24 inches of snow.  Crazy few days here lately with all the snow fall, the shoveling out, and a bit of thawing yesterday.  Take a peek at the icicles that formed during the day when the snow was melting off our roof.

Lots of drifts, too.  The snow plows only came through making  a single lane patch down our road.  At least we are better off than some, who are still trying to get off their streets!

Anyway...although a bit late for this month, here are the final two blocks for Little Bo Sheep's year.
May finds her celebrating this beautiful month with a floral wreath she decided to wear around her neck.  She has a few dimensional flowers at her feet, which her buzzy little friend is getting ready to check out!   June, the final month...finds her getting her feet a little wet!  She is enjoying those hot, summery days with a little dip in her wading pool, equipped with her inner tube and diving mask!

I hope you have enjoyed this year-long journey with Bo and I.  Thank you for stopping by, and remember to keep a lookout for something new!