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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seeing red

Hmmmm.....not what you might be thinking....but lots of pretty, red fabrics!  Just a small sampling of the assortment of fabrics I will be using in something new.

Don't you just love the tan with the little red reindeer?  More red reindeer to follow.....

I am having my own Christmas in July (well, it's almost over, but I did start this in July).  Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly is offering a free pattern called The Wish Quilt on her blog.  This is a gorgeous Christmas- themed quilt, with stitchery blocks, applique and patchwork.  Seriously, check it out, especially if you love red and white quilts.

Here's my first block, which no sooner was it on her blog, than it was started!

I decided to use red wool felt for the appliqued reindeer, stitched with a blanket stitch:

I decided to use red wool felt for the center of the heart appliques, as well. 

See?  Stocking up on those Christmas fat quarter bundles was a good thing! LOL!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Here are Blocks 1 through 5 for my Fernhill quilt.  This is a freebie offered by Lynette Anderson.  You receive the chart free by purchasing the little wooden button for each block.  Very cute and I am definitely looking forward to the next block.:)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blessings of Summer

It is done!  I appliqued the final star in the border last night. 

What goes in the empty pot?  Three 3D pinwheels, which will be attached after the quilt is actually quilted.  Plus, remember those two little, teeny quilts I made?  They will hang from the line on the large house block with cute wooden clothespins.

My favorite part of the quilt?  It is a toss up between those pinwheels and the ice cream cones.:))

I did notice that the little red wagon will make a reappearance in Blessings of Autumn, carrying some pumpkins.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A new bag....

OK....finally, a new bag for myself, that is not tooo huge, not too small, but just right!  Sounds like Goldilocks, huh?  I can carry my wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and still have some room left for a few odds and ends.  I can also use it as a shoulder bag or use the extra long straps to go over my head and across my body, too.

I have been saving this panel fabric, since I made my first purse from another section of it (which has been totally worn out).  I still have one more square of it left...it has some cute crows on it... for another time.

And...a big finish is on its way!  Blessings of Summer is almost done.:)  A few more of the stars need to be appliqued in the outer border to be complete.   Hey, just in time to get started on another new BOM....Sweetheart Houses by Shabby Fabrics!  My first block arrived yesterday. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Raspberry Rabbits

The latest block for The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah is available from The Raspberry Rabbits.  A fun block with bumblebees and a beehive.  I did make a few changes for mine.  I used wool felt for the flowers, leaves and bees. 

I also made the Penny Pitcher door pocket from Michelle May at the Raspberry Rabbits.  She is offering this pattern for free.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


OK, hanging my head in shame....bad blogger, bad blogger.  Where did I go?  It must have been the hot weather we have had.  I have not felt like blogging about anything.  I have been working on a few things...but again...just jumping around from one thing to the next.  Annabelle, then  Sew Spooky, even a couple of chicken blocks for my Red Barn quilt (which has not seen the light of day for months)..My Tweets center block with the Japanese fabrics....even a tiny bit on the little shepherdess for the Quilt Me Club. 

No pictures of any of those projects (just yet).  I did start Block 2 for Fernhill.  I was starting to get upset with myself for a bit, since I could not find the pattern for Block 3.  I did not want to keep working on Fernhill until I found it! :(  F i n a l l y !   Of course, it was no where near where I thought I had put it.  :)  But inpsiration struck once again.  I decided to make all the patchwork portions necessary for all four blocks that we have been given, so far.  These included four small log cabin blocks.  The pattern suggested using a mix of blues and browns.  I had just recently purchased some gorgeous fabrics from Shabby Fabrics made by Lecien called Antique Flower (the brick set).  I decided to use these for the log cabin blocks, as well as some of the Japanese fabrics I already had.

(not exactly brick, are they?...but they are scrumptious!)
As I was constructing the blocks for the stitchery, I got to thinking about the layout for the quilt.  Think this is a possibility?
The empty blocks have the buttons on them for the stitchery blocks.  Now, to finish off those little bluebells for Block 2!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something different

at least for me, that is!  I don't usually make purses or totes and such.  However, my son, Mike went with me to my LQS (Bears Paw Fabrics) yesterday.   He was wandering around the store while I got all the things I needed.  Just as I was getting ready to check out...he says, "Hey, Mom, do you think you can make one of these for Amanda (his girlfriend)?  Then he says, by next Thursday?  and showing me a pattern of a small tote bag. So I sent him looking around the store again to pick out some fabrics for this little tote.  He found the main fabric, and I helped him match the two other fabrics to use with it.  As we are checking out, he then says, "How long do you think it will take you to make it?"  I told him probably about 4-6 hours.  He came by this afternoon for our cookout, and asked if I had started to work on it.  I said...'oh, maybe a little...." ;) He said, "can I see what you have so far?"....and I showed him:

A cute little tote to hold your cellphone, sunglasses and a small wallet.  Mike said it looked great and and was thrilled that I had already finished it.