.....it all began with one thread....

Friday, September 30, 2011

Two more

I have been stitching away on my last three blocks for my garden quilt.  I got ambitious and cut the outer borders and squares I want to use within those borders.  Gosh, it won't be long until this one is actually finished.  What garden would be complete without a few flowers?  Granted, these are not your every day sort of flower.

Of course, with all the bees buzzing about and a cute little hive to live in, what do you get?  Honey!
A little more applique for the borders, and everything can go together!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another one done

I have all my blocks ready for the entire quilt for my 'bizzy garden.'  I do have to finish all the applique for two of them.  Once that is done, I can put all the rows together and add a few more little extras I have in mind.  This block is a very simple one...two little clay pots with tiny seedlings just startng to peek out with a little bit of patchwork for the border.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

. . .running in circles. . .

OK, I am having waay too much fun with my GoBaby! fabric cutter from Accuquilt.  I needed the die with the circles for some flowers in my little garden project.  I stopped at Bears Paw Fabrics on Friday and picked one up, along with some more colors of beautiful wool felt.  I was almost out of black, so I bought a little (a yard!) of that, too.  I worked on getting a few little flowers ready for one of my garden blocks.  It was ready in no time at all with the GoBaby! (not affiliated, just really like it so far).

The instructions say that you can cut up to 6 layers of cotton fabric at once.  For the wool felt I found that 3 layers is best.  For years now, I have been wanting to make a penny rug...you know one of those mats with tons of circles made out of wool felt?  Well,  with a little bit of cutting, about an hour's worth, here's what I had:

Doesn't look like much at this point, does it?  But after playing around with my circles for a few minutes, here's what I have now:
Looks a lot better...but now comes the blanket stitching to make all my circles into a pretty wool mat!
(I did take this picture mainly so I would have something to refer to in the event all my rows get disturbed....not mentioning any names...(Klawd).....)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

~ Buzzin' along! ~

This is one of the blocks I had in mind from the beginning when I first started sketching this one.  More little 'critters' on this one.  They sure are bzzzzy! ;) 

Now that I have thought about it, maybe I should add a little, tiny crown on my other bee.  Her size alone would designate her as the 'queen bee.' 

(Oh, and the top of the hive is not attached yet.  I realized when I was taking the picture, that it needed something...more.  The semicircle of felt is placed there for now.  At least it is better than a loose thread!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gone a little buggy!

I guess those who know me would probably say...'that's nothing new!'....But this is a different kind.  I have been working along on my little primittive 'bizzy garden'...and these little guys were not originally a part of the plan.  How could I resist?  I particularly love this little guy and am pretty pleased with how he has come along (albeit at a very s l o w pace). ;))

This is the block where he belongs:
And then these little guys thought there must be a picnic going on....
a quick look at the rest of their block.
(Yes...it is definitely a conspiracy..that black thread was not there when I was getting this ready!) :))

Be on the lookout for a few more little 'critters!'

** For "Blu"....being lazy, I did not check to see how many legs an ant had...so just went with the flow...:) **   Thanks for checking them out...and  I really do appreciate your great comments. **

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Flower

I have been continuing to work on my wool felt project.  Wool felt is so easy to applique...not as much prep work as in other types of applique.  Not that I don't like those as well.  These blocks seem to be coming together very quickly.  Here's the newest addition...a golden flower, a few more stars and a heart. :)

(and why is it that I never notice those stray threads until after the pictures are taken?)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Certainly not here today...pretty gloomy outside, as a matter of fact...one of those dreary, drizzly days....hmmm...little bit of alliteration there.:)

Continuing along with my primitive garden theme...a sun, of course!  Now this is not your typical, bright, happy yellow sun.  This one is, in fact, quite different.  And, if you look at it closely...you can also see the moon!

(yep..that is a magnet in the corner....helping to hold it onto my refrigerator, while I tried to take a picture!)

This sun will preside over the remaining blocks in the upper left corner...with my 'bizzy bee' just below.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Been 'bzzzzy'

:))  that's  right, 'bzzzy.'   A new project (again!)..this time using the fabrics from Primitive Gatherings called Little Gatherings...lots of neutrals, blacks and golden tones.  I had sketched out an idea I had quite a while ago.  At the time, I thought I was going to use bright, spring-like colors.  Once I saw the fabrics from Little Gatherings...my mind changed completely.  I decided to give it a shot, and made one of the first blocks ....a bee....a little chubby bee, with heart-shaped wings that are separate from the background.  I intend to use all felt for all the applique.

Love the fabrics ....so this one is definitely going to have a very 'primitive' feel
Thanks for stopping by....'bee' back soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Henrietta

I finished up the last of the applique and the buttons today on my red version of Henrietta Whiskers.  I changed the top border and the bottom one, too.  I used the logo from Bunny Hill Designs for  Henrietta Whiskers for the additons.  A view of the top portion:

and the bottom:
Last, but not least, overall:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Henrietta...and a friend....

I have been working along on my borders for my red version of Henrietta Whiskers, a free BOM offered by Bunny Hill Designs.  I had all my little pieces attached and some of them stitched in place.  I thought I would stretch it out across the sofa to get a better look at it overall.  I wandered off into the kitchen for a minute or so..and when I came back:

Henrietta had found a new friend!
Needless to say, two hours later...I am still waiting for Klawd to finish "visiting" with Henrietta!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday I was able to complete the entire quilt top for my blue version of Henrietta Whiskers, the free BOM that has been offered by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.  (The patterns will be available through December.)  So, presenting my 'blue' Henrietta Whiskers, the top portion:

the bottom:
and, overall:
The only way I could get any picture of it at all was to clip it to my fence out back....excuse the clothespins (and the shadows from the roof overhang)!
Only two more versions to finish! ;)  Working on the red one now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Block 9

Ta Da!  The last block for Henrietta Whiskers' Block of the Month.  But, not all of the quilt is done yet.  There are still two borders which have little birds and stars to be appliqued. 

Next up will be the blue version of Henrietta's Block 9 for Bears Paw Fabrics. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, I tried all day yesterday to post, to no avail.  I had prepared a nice long post about Hurricane Irene..gone...so...let's try again.  We were definitely affected by the hurricane, but thankfully, not any extensive damage was done.  Mainly, was the loss of power for approximately 40 some hours.  A lot of branches and leaves were down, but other than that, nothing major.  However, you would think I would have done a lot of stitching.  Not so...without lights, not a lot of stitching or quilting was accomplished.  But...the good thing is that my house is cleaner and more organized than it has been for a while! ;))

Just before Irene, I had finished my last block for 'Bewitched.'  I decided to redo my house block, as I was not completely satisfied with my first attempt.  I do like this one much better.  It does still need a bit of extra embroidery to be completely done, but take a peek:

I do like this one much better.  Now to add the final details.
Here's a closer look at the door and windows:
Thanks for dropping by.  I hope everyone is well, and safe.