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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love Entwined

Love Entwined is a new free BOM from Esther Aliu.  The first part has just been released, and has created quite a stir in the Yahoo group.  If you are interested in checking it out, click on the box on the right-hand side.

I made my fabric decisions for the first part, a compass.  Take a peek!

Of course, the circle will look more circular once it is actually stitched to the background fabric. However, the first part is to complete the compass, only.  
I decided to use wool felt (Surprise!  Surprise!) for the little circles. My circles are slightly larger than the pattern.  I used my Go!Baby! cutter to make them and this was the smallest circle die I had.  I am going to leave them 'loose', with only the bead holding it on...like a sequin.  I also decided to add one circle to the center.

Here is a close-up of one section:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Small blocks

Planning something new for Annabelle...lots of pretty wool pots and hexagons...

I am challenging myself to stay within a very limited color palette.  Only tans, creams, black and the rust.
The rust colored wool felts will only be used in the various pots I have made, and a little on Annabelle, herself. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Primitive Gatherings

Primitive Gatherings - a favorite of mine for their fabric and designs.  I decided to join in the BOW (Block of the Week) Yikes!  that they started three weeks ago.  Here's a picture of my first two blocks.  You also receive a 'freebie' block, only 4 1/2" square for each block.

You cannot see the entire block for each one, but it does give a general overall view of what they are like.

These are all wool applique on cotton backgrounds, Primitive Gatherings fabrics, of course!  There will be 13 blocks in all.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Mousie

My husband, Dave, loves my Peek-a-Boo mouse.  Any time I am working on something and he sees me, he says, "Peek-a-boo mouse?"  I usually have to answer, "No." and he always seems so disappointed.  So I decided to make him a Peek-a-Boo quilt.  I am using the drawings I made for my monthly Mousie, as well as a few new ones.  I have been working on this in plain sight of him.  He asks me the same question again, and I answer, "Yes!".  However....what he doesn't know is,  it is for him.  I have one more block to applique (there are 12) to complete the middle of the top of the quilt.  I may have to buy some fabric for the borders I want to do....but he will have his "Peek-a-Boo Year" quilt top for Father's Day.  He hasn't seen the whole thing together, so there will still be a bit of a surprise.  Plus, there are a couple blocks he has not seen.  Have a peek at one of the new ones I drew....January, my little snowball juggling mouse:

Annabelle makes an appearance in March, as the "March hare," along with her 3D four-leaf clover:
and a few blowing leaves for October (That darn thread fairy left another one!)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A little more

Here she is...a little bit more of Annabelle with her pom-pom hat to keep her warm.  Also take note of the sparkly snowflake.  There are a couple more of those, too.

And another look at little Puck: