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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A month?

Wow!  A whole month has gone by without a post.  I have been working on so many of my projects, I haven't taken any time to show my progress.

Here's a couple pictures of one of my favorites:

This the April's portion for the A-Z for Ewe and Me quilt by Janet Stone for The Quilt Show.  Lots of fun, especially since I love sheep!

Since I have enjoyed working on this quilt so much...call me crazy....but I started another one in different colors:
Lots of dots in this one!
Here is the section with the sheepie!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A-Z March Blocks

Here are the letters H and I for the month of March for my A-Z for Ewe and Me BOM.   I am really enjoying the mixture of applique and piecing for this BOM.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February, already?

Doesn't it seem as though we were just opening all those Christmas presents?  Well, with the start of the new year, comes the beginning of a few (...ahem...) new BOM's. 

I tried.  I really tried.  I even waited until February.  I couldn't help it...I had to join.  It has sheep.  Not in the first two sections, but a little bit later.  What more can I say? You know that compulsion that overtakes all reasoning.  I joined the new Quilt Show BOM for this year.  It's Janet Stone's, ABC's with(for) Ewe and Me.  I have seen the title both ways.  Oh...and my letters and stars are wool felt (gotta get that felt in there somewhere!)

Here is January's part::
...and February's:
I love my little basket. :))

Now to wait almost a whole month for the next part.:((

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A few things

 I joined the Fellowship of Flowers with the Raspberry Rabbits.  One wool felt flower each week for a year.  52 flowers!!  It will be fun to see what we do with all these flowers.  The one above is my version of the latest one, a daisy.

And here we have another freebie BOM from P3 Designs.  Gotta love those free ones!  This is my version of the first block, the Hollyhock.  Only a few more days until the next one!
These are the first two flowers for The Fellowship of Flowers.

So many projects going on behind the scenes, I can barely decide which one to work on each day. ;0

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Wish" Come True!

Yeah!  One wish came true for 2013.    The 'wish' was to finish this quilt before the year ended.   This is the freebie pattern, "The Wish Quilt" offered by Red Brolly.  It was done on December 27, 2013. :)  The main reason this one languished in the UFO pile was all those checkerboard panels. Now to have it quilted and be ready for next Christmas. 

Now, if you look closely, there are four stars with the family names on them.  These are really little pockets where a small card is inserted with that person's Christmas wish.  A cute idea, right?  Of course, I had to have some wool felt in there, too. ;)  Look at the reindeer...there it is!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

~ 2 0 1 4 ~


Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Wish Quilt and Bluebirds and Berries

The Wish Quilt, by Red Brolly, is a quilt that I almost finished during the time of its initial release.  However, running into a road block with one of my little star blocks, I stopped working on it.  The thought of doing all the remaining checkerboard blocks was a factor, as well.

However, once the star block hurdle was crossed, I moved forward with those checkerboards.  And...lookee here!  It is almost completed.  Four little applique hearts are to be applied to the dark burgundy rectangles, and the outer border, and it will be done!

 Now to audition those fabrics for the outer border. ;0

Another one that has languished is my Bluebirds and Berriess by Gail Pan Designs.  Mine will have to be called Blackbirds and Berries....
Another one that just needs the outer borders.  Who knows??  Maybe two more finishes before Christmas!