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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and wonderful Halloween.  Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, especially for stitching and quilting projects. 

Now let me introduce you to some new friends I have made (no, literally, I made them.)  Billy Bone-a-Parte and his partner, Belle ('cause she is so 'boo-tiful!)   I had this idea sometime last year, but got stuck when trying to make Billy.  He  was a lot of fun to make.  Just to get an idea of how big Billy is, this is a shot of him on the sofa.  He even has body parts.  Remember the Operation game we had as kids (and it's still around)?  Something like that..with a broken heart, bats in the belfry, a frog in his throat, a hang nail...you get the idea.  He is all dressed up with his spats and cuffs.  After making Billy, I decided he needed a partner.  Belle is a, how can I say this?  A spirited girl!  with her sparkly hair, long eyelashes and what appears to be a mole on her cheek (it's a teeny spider!) .  Belle is not quite picture  ready, but will be soon.  They are an 'enchanting' couple, to say the least., OK, enough puns, right? 

Have a great Halloween!