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Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't Bug Me!

This is a Sweetheart Tree Design...lots of backstitching and quarter stitches. I think this is the first one of ST that I've actually stitched. This was a kit from the Knocker series. This will definitely get finished as a hanging type ornament, to hang near my "stitching nest."
Don't Bug Me!
I am trying to finish up a few pieces that I have that are just "so close" to being done. Of course, there are a ton more that I want to start, so I am trying something new and will "reward" myself with a new start after so many of these little finishes.

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Patti said...

What a surprise that I love this one too. I love what you stitch and how you finish your stitching off. I have put a link from your blog to mine and hope you don't mind. I also wondered if the Cherries pinkeep below is from a freebie from LHN because I can't find it anywhere. Lots of Love Patti xxx