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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Am I lucky, or what?

More birthday gifts came in the mail for me yesterday!

McKenna Ryan's quilt pattern "Morning Mews." Plus all the wonderful fabrics to create this beautiful kitty quilt.

The bonus? The kitty looks very similar to my crazy kitty, Klawd... :)

Thank you, both, Anne Marieke and Margit for choosing such an "appropriate" pattern for me.

With all the special presents from my "far away" friends, this year's birthday is turning out to be very special indeed.


Deb said...

You've gotten some wonderful birthday presents! I've been out of the loop so I missed it, but Happy Birthday! And your Desert piece is looking wonderful. I like what you ended up doing with the lightning!! Can't wait to see more.

Ineke said...

Happy birthday! You got a lovely present. And the pleasure of making it is also a bonus.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely quilt pattern - good for you! And happy birthday!