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Monday, September 6, 2010


Ooohhh!  I started it!  I started it!  Born to Quilt, that is!  I had to begin with Block #4, which has two very cute sheep and a few little birds.  All the pieces have been appliqued...but everyone still needs their little faces, feet and accessories.  Peek #1
Peek #2
And, finally, Peek #3 with the little redbirds on their blue plaid background:
I know you can't tell what is what, just yet.  Off to complete all the embroidery and attach some pretty, little buttons I bought yesterday.  Speaking of which...OMG!  I spent a small fortune on "pretty, little buttons" for this quilt yesterday.  Hopefully, they will add that little something extra. :))


Anne Marieke said...

Lovely fabric choices! Are you doing the project full-size or at 75%? Your sheep look rather HUGE!

Have fun with this project, which is rather addictive.

Isadarena said...

Your fabric choice is nice Michele and your grey sheep seems very cute as well as the birdies .
Efectively, I am also sure the tiny buttons will add a something more to your quilt:-)

Siobhan said...

Very cute, I can't wait to see more!