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Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Versions

That's right...two versions of Block 2 for Henrietta Whiskers (again).  The first is my own "red" version:

Meet little Miss Sophie, the blackbird.  I have to add her "eye" for which I was going to use a bead.  Just have to locate the one I would like to use.  Miss Sophie has a little bit of "bling."  Her heart bead necklace is courtesy of Anne Marieke.  She had sent me these beautiful beads a while back, and I knew I wanted to save them for something special.  Little Miss Sophie, it is!
Now for the "blue" verison, which I am making for Bears Paw Fabrics:

I cannot decide which one I like better. :))


Anne Marieke said...

Both are very pretty, Michele!

Great that you found use for the little heart-shaped beads. Sophie appears to like her necklace :o)

Love all the fabrics you used.

Siobhan said...

They're both SO pretty!! I love this block set.