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Monday, April 25, 2011

Night Before Christmas

It seems funny to be posting something that has to do with Christmas this time of year, doesn't it?  I (finally) redid my Block 2 for Night Before Christmas BOM.  I had majorly messed up my first attempt....don't ask. :)

Good news is,  it is done,  and I am currently caught up with at least one of my BOM's. It is a bit difficult to get a nice flat picture when our fan is blowing the block around!

Block 2 Night Before Christmas
                                      A  lot  of  work!  But - I am pretty happy with how it turned out (this time). ;)
Especially (this is for you - Anne Marieke!)  the little mouse's hands and ears!


Deb said...

So, so cute Michele! That little mouse is just adorable. And they're nothing wrong with working on Christmas all year round. Think of pretty things you will have to display.

Anne Marieke said...

Great progress, Michele! What a lovely block this is.

I see what you mean about those paws. That's where Kruimel got it from.

Gabi said...

LOVELY. Absolutely lovely. That little mouse is SO cute.

Mireille said...

Zo mooi, hij is inderdaad wel schitterend geworden. Wat een gepriegel de oorjtes en handjes van je muisje.