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Sunday, May 22, 2011

~ Bits and Pieces ~

It seems like all I have been doing lately is working on "pieces" for my four Block 4 of Heart's Desire.
Lots are ready, but there are still many more to do...all the leaves and flowers.  I am trying to take
Esther's suggestion and have an "assembly line" type production of all my pieces.  As of today, all flowers baskets - done.  Corner circles - done.  Sawtooth (eight of those paper-pieced buggers) - done!

And I have all my other blocks complete with the exception of the eight scalloped borders (which I am working on now.)  Now to tackle some flowers, stems, thorns and leaves!


Gabi said...

Even it's now sown together yet, I LOVE this piece. The colors are fantastic and all works well together. Isn't your house getting a bit too full with all those gorgeous quilts? If it's too full I lend you happily one of my walls for it (I know I'm such a generous person...grin)

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, they are soooo pretty!! Like Gabi said, it's not sewn together but oh my gosh--I love it!