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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caramel Apples and Crows

Doesn't sound like a recipe for something very good, does it?  LOL!  But these are the subject of my latest two blocks for ....drumroll, please...I think I have a name for it, my Halloween quilt, "Bewitched!"

Candy apples are a fun treat for fall...but caramel apples?  Even better!!

and, then there are three more little crows...of course, one of them had to be a bit ornery and not follow with the others!
Good news ~ I am almost done my witch's hat...pictures soon. :)


Needlearts Kelly said...

I love the caramel apples! Perfect for fall.

Ineke said...

Yummy: caramel apples! And cute crows with their different black suits.

Anne Marieke said...

This is so much fun to follow! Great project, Michele. It must be so much fun to develop your own design.

Pictures of that hat please!

wendy111 said...

I like your crows and your caramel apples. We have a company here in Adelaide (Australia) that makes caramel apples and they are so yummy!