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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blessings of Summer - Block 4

The two little mini quilts are done!  Phew!!  Each one took a little longer than I had thought they might.  Very tiny....but very cute, too!  Check 'em out...hanging out on their clothesline with their little teeny clothespins, while a pretty little kite catches a summer breeze. :)

This is a huge block, more than half the width of the center portion of the quilt.  Sorry for the weirdness of the shape of the block.  I had loosely placed it on top of another quilt on my quilt rack...it looks a bit wavy, but is really flat.
The next block is almost done, as well.   All done with the exception of the wording on the heart.  It has a huge heart with the words "In God We Trust" across a ribbon. I am not really happy with how the words look hand stitched on the ribbon.  Plus,  I am conflicted about using those words, only because they seem out of place in a "summer" themed quilt.  I was looking for either an alternative wording or was going to use a bow for the center of the ribbon instead.  Any suggestions?


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Adorable! Those little quilts on the line are SO cute!

Anne Marieke said...

Very cute tiny quilts, Michele!

How about Home Sweet Home for the words?

Deb said...

Your block is just adorable, but I can see how it would take so much time. Did you actually have to piece those little quilts? Wow! That is a lot of work, but it's just wonderful!