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Saturday, October 6, 2012


OK...let's just get right to it...lot's of pictures today.  Some of these I should have posted a while ago, and some were finished recently.  Updated photos of some of the projects I have in the works.

The Pumpkin and Pinwheel block from Blessings of Autumn.
the Indian Corn portion of the second block from Blessings of Autumn.  There are still three large leaf applique blocks for this one.  Check out the 'corn' fabric!
Third:  An updated Block three from Merry, Merry Snowmen.  This one has been done for a while.  It still required all the embroidery.
And Block six from Merry, Merry Snowmen, finished last night:
and onto The Wish Quilt....
Here is the block with Santa and all the toys (for good little girls and boys!).  The stars with the names are little pockets that are to be used to place a small piece of paper with your 'wish(es)' for Christmas.
and last, but not least, Brutus, from The Wish Quilt:




Ma Teakettle said...

Wow Michele, just beautiful :)
I adore the colors, not to mention the designs...and that corn fabric is so very perfect! The pumpkin's fabric is perfect, as well! The colors in the fabric for the stalks of the corn, are just perfect...like a harvest sunset.
Those little snowmen are beyond cute ;)
The embroidery on the Wish Quilt, was that by hand? Wow! even if it was machine, super wow! I just adore the idea of the wishes.
I love your blog, as always

Rosa said...

Love your project,they are absolutely wonderful.Fabrics ,design,fantastic!!.

Isadarena said...

Wow!! Michele, many pictures today...fine!!Your pumpkin is well done and your "corn" fabric is just great!
I like your Merry, Merry snowmen and your "wish quilt" : both will be will adorable :)

Michele said...

Thanks, everyone!

For MaTeakettle: Yep...all the redwork is done by hand.:))

Deb said...

Your applique and embroidery is just so inspiring!!