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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Halloween update

Even though Halloween has come and gone for another year, little Annabelle is still playing with all her costumes.  She was getting a wee bit tired and took a rest on a nearby pumpkin:

Here is Annabelle dressed as Little Red Riding Rabbit.  :))
Another costume Annabelle has modeled for you already:
                                                                       Pumpkin Time
Annabelle trying to magically make all those cobwebs disappear:
There are still a few more...keep watching!


LynCC said...

You find the coolest fabrics to use for Anabelle. I *love* that cat on her robe in the bottom shot. :)

P.S. When I try to go to Anabelle's blog, it tells me "user does not have permission to read this blog". It used to let me in. Any ideas?

Siobhán said...

Annabelle is too cute! Very pretty.

Glenda said...

Oh she looks lovely in her Halloween outfits, and I do Loveeeeeee Mousie specially with your tape measure???? Just love the personality look you get Michelle, so so cute. Looking forward to making Annabelle with the tape measure now. Hugs Glenda

Ann said...

I just discovered your blog via the blog list of someone I know. I simply adore your Annabelle creations (quilt and doll with costumes).
I've added you to my blog roll list :-)
Kind greetings,