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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Small, medium and large

Since Friday, all I have been doing is making little dolls...2 mice and one sweet, little chocolate bunny.

Here is the large...another Mousie doll, approximately 8" tall.  She has her Easter egg all ready!

The medium, a little brown mouse, approximately 5" tall.  A little bit of lace makes a cute tutu. :)
And the small,

a sweet, little chocolate bunny.  You can see by the ruler, she is only 4" tall.  And now for the grand finale,
for the first time anywhere, the Tutu Girls:
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in this fun little venture.:)


Sandi said...

What a sweet trio just in time for Easter, nice to see how they look in different sizes and colours.

Claire said...

Very cute.c