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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Polka Dot Flowers

48 teeny circles..no, no, not again!!  There were 32 teeny circles in Part 1 of Love Entwined (Esther Aliu's freebie BOM).  I tried the first time around...I hated my circles.  I decided to make them out of felt and attach with a black bead for Part 1.  Phew!  Done...but no...Part 3 has 48 more of the little (buggers...oops!) circles. ;)  I knew I was not going to be a happy camper if I had to keep making all these tiny circles.

Thing is, if the circles were the same size as the flower centers in Part 2, I would be fine...grumbling, but fine.  For some reason, I cannot get the tiny ones to turn out nice and smooth.  I have tried washers, the tiniest of the Perfect Circles and hand basting them in place.  Still not happy.  :(

I finally found a solution.  And it is something Esther has done on previous quilts....stenciling those little ___, guys!  I tried it on one of the leaf shapes that had not been attached yet.  Perfect!

So how do you get 48 little circles in an hour?  Stencil them!  Yeah!!

I still need to attach two more of the green leaves  for this one.  The next four polka-dotted flowers are ready to be appliqued!


Gayle said...

Too clever - they look so great! Did you use fabric paint? Or perhaps a permanent ink marker? I'll have to remember your technique for future projects.

Saskia said...

Smart thinking! I going to use those tiny washers and see if it will work. But keep this in mind. Just in case... ;-)

Michele said...

I used fabric paint. I heat set them after the applique.