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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A few things

 I joined the Fellowship of Flowers with the Raspberry Rabbits.  One wool felt flower each week for a year.  52 flowers!!  It will be fun to see what we do with all these flowers.  The one above is my version of the latest one, a daisy.

And here we have another freebie BOM from P3 Designs.  Gotta love those free ones!  This is my version of the first block, the Hollyhock.  Only a few more days until the next one!
These are the first two flowers for The Fellowship of Flowers.

So many projects going on behind the scenes, I can barely decide which one to work on each day. ;0

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Gayle said...

Hi Michelle - Your blocks all look great - I could find the Raspberry Rabbits info by Googling it, but I'm not sure where the free P3 blocks are posted - can you help me out?