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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Annabelle's Adventures

Wow!  How can it be February already?!  I guess that means it is time for the last two blocks for Annabelle's Adventures.  But wait, it's not over yet!  The border instructions will be here next month.

Here is a close-up of Block 11.  Annabelle is all dressed up as an Indian for Thanksgiving.

For December (Block 12) Annabelle has her golden wings, shiny halo and, of course her harp.

For a little bunny, Annabelle has certainly had a busy year,  I hope you have enjoyed this adventure along with Annabelle and I.  :)

Be sure to keep a lookout for the borders, for the finishing touch to this fun adventure!


Karen said...

The Indian version is the one I like. Love the fringe on the sleeve.

Anne Marieke said...

Lovely work, Michele. The details are so pretty.