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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Yep, another new project!  This one has definitely 'ensnared' me and I have fallen down that rabbit hole.  I just signed up about a month ago.  I have finally caught up with the current parts.

The elongated hexagon border is the latest portion.  Here are a few close-ups of the previous portions:
The Center

The little houses, and
all the parts, so far.


Karen said...

Wow! Love your version of the design.

Glenda said...

Trying for the 3rd time to leave a message google wont let me leave one? LOVE your centre of Down the Rabbit hatch I can see wee Annabelle running around the out side of this quilt trying to find the entrance LOL SO many circles in that centre wish I had time on my hands to make it!!!! Hugs Glenda

Michele said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Those circles did not take near as much time as those pieced little houses! I'm happy with it, so far. We should be working on the rabbit border next!

Sandi said...

Hi Michelle,

I've not been reading your blog because for some reason it shows up with a black background on my iPad and I rarely read blogs on my desktop any longer.

Congrats on your quick progress. I got stymied with the houses and let it perculate for awhile. I started deciding on what to do for the Dresden wedges and sunflowers and then finally decided what to do with the houses.

Today I finally got up to the hexie border which I have to cut, so not bad for not doing anything for several months.

Are you following the Instagram feeds? Some fun things popping up there and the Facebook group. Glad you decided to have fun.