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Friday, May 16, 2008

"The Red Box"

For about eleven days now I have been waiting and waiting for this "red box" to arrive. Isabelle told me that it contained a special gift from her. I thought for sure it would be here Monday....Monday came and went - no package.
OK, I was sure it would arrive on Tuesday----starting to look for when the mailman is coming to see if he has my "red box." Nothing:(
Wednesday, I thought for sure, none of the parcels Isabelle has sent before have taken any longer than this....I must have looked out the front door for the mailman at least three or four times.....again...no box. :((
Yesterday, of course, when I was least expecting it....there was a knock at the door....the mailman!! the mailman was here!! But, more importantly, he was holding my "red box."!! I signed the receipt and practically snatched it out of his hands. Now my regular mailman knows that I get a few parcels and packages.;) This was a different mailman, so wasn't completing expecting my, shall we say, overzealous reaction to a box?
The  Red Box

and of course, the wonderful gifts that were inside:


Isabelle made the box, which holds the pincushion and the needlebook...just for me!! Everything is absolutely perfect from the ivory pincushion buttons to the little lace "M" initial on the needlebook. They were all wrapped in the blue fabric with a little gold ribbon. Wonderful!! I love receiving these special gifts. This one will stay on my night table where I can glance over and see it whenever I want.:)

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