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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why is there cat hair on all my stitching?

Klawd & red fabric(a)

No sooner did I set this piece of fabric on the bed and turn away than Klawd decided it was a nice addition to his bed (the blue blanket) and made himself cozy. So, sorry, Margit :((

This is a beautiful piece of Zwiegart red linen that Margit sent me with the special hand-painted fabric for my Athena, Goddess of Wisdom by Mirabilia. (Pictures of that below!)

First - a little happy dance - Woohoo! Woohoo! OK, I am being extremely silly today;) (This little dance was for the wonderful fabric I received from Margit!)

Here is a picture of my start on Athena from late yesterday. This is the beautiful hand-painted fabric that Margit created for me. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Athena will be directly in the middle between the purple and the green. The white blob is actually the owl that she is holding in her hand.


Chiloe said...

Great start ;) It's going to be gorgous !!! Can't wait to see more ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely gorgeous, Michele!
Great dyeing, Margit!
Anne Marieke

Andie said...

Beautiful!! LOVE the fabric!

loulee1 said...

Klawd doesn't mean to get hairs on your stitching, he is simply checking that it is good enough. The hairs are his sign of approval!

Michele said...

Well, believe me....Klawd must do a lot of checking! ;p

Thanks, everyone! I love reading your comments.