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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bye-bye flutterbies!!

Well, the butterflies will be flying south! I thought even as I was attaching them that they were too large. I did buy the smallest ones available at the store. Thanks for all the advice...:)

I'm sure I will find a very nice home for them soon. After all, with all the WIP's I have, I'm sure they will look great somewhere! ;))

In fact, I just started (oh no! another one!) Castles in the Sky Mystery by Papillon Creations. The very center portion is the formal garden...I could have one or two fluttering around in there! I started the first portion yesterday and have about half of it done....maybe a picture tomorrow.

...and a little teaser...I started it on a fabric that I painted myself! So far, I really like how it looks! I have the mandatory threads as well as the ones that I chose for my flowers. Think...jewel tones....;)


Gabi said...

Self painted fabric? I'm now pretty curious. I subscribed too to that sampler, but didn't look into colors yet. I'm curious what combination you'll go for.

Patti said...

I would really love to see your self-painted fabric and find out what you did exactly please. Love Patti xxx