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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh my! Oh my!

Did I say that Tuesday was a GREAT mail day? Well, I should have. First...my new scroll rods came. Second, the kit for Judy Odell's Lady's Cabinet was there, too. As if getting new stash and new project materials wasn't enough....this (I should say - all) came, too.

Margit had told me she was sending me a little extra something for my birthday. Now she had already joined with Anne Marieke to send me a beautiful McKenna Ryan quilt pattern and kit. So...a little something???

First there's the book...in German--but Margit can always translate for me, right?;) Gorgeous sewing, stitching and finishing projects. The little heart ornament was attached to the package--too cute, isn't it? But...look at those fabrics and threads!! But you have to understand, Margit dyed these herself! Aren't they wonderful?

You know...I haven't started my Nora Corbett Sunflower Fairy yet...I wonder how her threads would look on that gorgeous green fabric? And the blue....hmmm...Maybe my Mermaid Sampler.....lots of ideas going through my head for these two gorgeous fabrics.

Many, many thanks go out to you Margit....you know the way to a stitcher's heart!

(Only problem is, I love looking at the fabrics so much that I don't want to stitch on them!)


Deb said...

What a lucky girl! What great presents. I hear you on the fabric - it's so beautiful you hate to use it! But I'm sure you'll find the perfect project for them.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful fabrics and threads! Great friend, girl!

venus said...

Beautiful fabrics and threads...
I look forward to see lots of posts of beautiful work.
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