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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prairie Schooler

Every year when the new Prairie Schooler Santa kit comes out, I want to start it right away. So far, I have never started one...that is until this year. Don't ask me why...I do like all the others just as much as this one. Here is my little bit of progress on the 2009 Santa.

The kit includes all the Crescent Colour threads, fabric and chart to stitch this one.

I am also trying something totally new for me:
scroll rods. I have never been able to use them before this. I could never get the fabric attached to the rods the way I liked...the fabric wasn't taut enough, the rods were too cumbersome....I just could never get the hang of it. On Down Sunshine Lane's website, Amy showed a picture of these scroll rods from Rolaframe. Easy to attach (new sewing, no stapling, etc.), easy to tighten, easy to scroll. Plus I can either leave it really, really tight or loosen it enough to still be able to "sew" my stitches as I have always done.
The Santa is my test piece to try and see how much I like/dislike the rods. So far, so good. It does take some getting accustomed to stitching on the frame. However, I did buy the smallest ones that were available, which I think makes a big difference for me. I don't think I will ever stitch a large project on a scroll rod, but something about the size of this Santa kit is good.


Jennifer said...

Love the colors!

Deb said...

Great start on the PS! And I'm sure that you'll love the scroll frame after you get used to it. I used to be an in-hand stitcher, but now I won't stitch unless it's on a scroll rod.

Kit said...

I can't wait to see the PS finished, it looks great so far. Let us know how the scroll rods work out for you, I've never used them either.