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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Block 5 and 6

Henrietta Whiskers' time again!  I am definitely a bit behind, thanks to my work on Heart's Desire.  The blue version of Blocks 5 and 6:

Here is Block 5.  Cute. :)  This is the central block in the entire quilt.  Henrietta and her little baby.

I know what everyone will think...black squirrels?  Most squirrels are grey or brown, right?  Well, actually, here in Harford County, Maryland there is a small area where there are black squirrels. :))
So, I guess these little guys are my tribute to them.  They sure do look as if they are having a good time, leaping around, don't they?
And a general idea of the overall quilt.  There are only three blocks left to go, as well as the top and bottom borders. 


Giovanna said...

Ooooh, this is so cute!

Melody said...

This is a great project and your version is looking beautiful.

Gabi said...

Oh my gosh...lol....had just to change my comment. I thought the black squirrels were very cute cats.
Both blocks are looking gorgeous. It's such a lovely project. And I really like the fabrics you chose.

Mireille said...

Wow he is already so beautiful.


Anne Marieke said...

That's lovely, Michele. Aren't those little squirrels cute.

Your whole quilt is coming together beautifully.

Sandra said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! Love Henrietta and the black squirrels are lovely, they do seem to be having a lot fun leaping around :)