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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves!

Phew!!  The leaves for the inner portion of all four of my Block 4's are done!  Two blocks stitched down - two to go!  And...I started on those leaves on the stems that hang into the border and the bordering block (which I think may be Block Two).  Two blocks of those done...one stitched and one (this one) glue basted in place.

That large flower you see  at the top of the picture is not part of the block.  I was laying it out on the background fabric next to Block 4 along with a portion of my scalloped border to see how I liked it.
Here's a better look....remember, glue basted together and laid out on the background fabric with the scalloped border.  There will be four of these in the outer border with the scalloped edges.

(*** so sorry about the poor quality of the pictures...my camera batteries were on their last legs! ***(


Siobhan said...

Beautiful, Michele! I love the variety of reds in the bottom flower.

Anne Marieke said...

Great progress, Michele! Love all the fabrics you are using.