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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy, busy

Maybe it's the hint of spring in the air; it has certainly perked me up a bit.  I worked on quite a few things the last couple of days.  I finished attaching the binding for my Bewitched quilt.  I still have to take pictures, but will  have to take Blessings of Spring down off  my quilt rack/shelf first. :)

Since it's release I have been working on Raining Cats and Dogs by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. I am up to date on this one, with only the applique remaining for Block 4.  Here are a few pictures.  I (once again) have to apologize for the wrinkles.  I have had these put away since completing them in the past few months.  I kept forgetting to take pictures for this project.

Block 1.  I did change the style of the wording in the window and added a few little paw prints.
Block 2....love the little plaid doggie!
Block 3...another cute little plaid doggie, plus a plaid kitty!
Another update for my Christmas quilt.  I seemed to keep stalling on this one; every time I start to do another part, I change my mind about what I want.  Remember those funny little reindeer?  Now they are in their own completed block!
Another small section of a different row...my Santa key.  You know...not all houses have chimneys.  So your children will ask you, "How does he get into our house on Christmas Eve?"  The Santa key, of course!  It's the one he carrries with him that magically opens any and all doors, so that he can deliver the presents.:))  I actually bought one of these keys to hang on our doorknob at Christmas when my sons were small, since our house does not have a fireplace or chimney. ;)
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Kelli said...

Absolutely love the reindeer! I look forward to seeing more of the Christmas quilt - and your Anne Sutton quilt is coming along so nicely - thanks for sharing!

Mad about Craft said...

All of it, soooo cute!

Deb said...

Everything is looking so good. I envy your applique skills.