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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going Gangbusters!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the first applique block for Forget Me Not by Esther Aliu.  Another freebie BOM!  I had to make a choice between a peony and the sunflower.  I really did like the peony, as well.  Both are gorgeous. 

This is sort of a 'rough draft' as far as the outside border goes.  At this point, it is unknown what the frame of the block looks like, since this is a mystery BOM.  However, in the pattern sheet for the blocks, it shows an arch.  I made a temporary kind of arch, so I could get an idea of how the finished block might look.  The fabric with the block at this point, is not the one I intend to use for the frame.  These were leftover pieces from cutting the sashing. 

The scroll with the flowers' names remains to be made.  I am trying to decide exactly how I want to do those.  I almost forgot!!  I did try to take a few close-ups, but they did not turn out too well.  Look at the little 'extra' on the leaf.  Esther had said on her blog that she considered adding a few little things.  I decided to try one on my own. :))
Here's a close-up of the second sunflower:

A close-up of the second cornflower (I added the extra stitching between the flowers and the base.)

And...the second sunflower:


Kate said...

You do beautiful work and I am so glad you share it.

Sandi said...

You've done a wonderful interpretation of her block. I like the addition of the wool.

Thanks for sharing.

LynCC said...

very pretty embellishments :)

HighlandtownHon said...