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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I cannot help myself!

Annabelle has become an addiction for me this past week.  As soon as one look into her life is done, she is waitng for me to complete another!  (She has even kept me up at night, figuring out where she wants to go next!)  I do have to say, in her defense, I am thoroughly enjoying each and every one of her visits!

Today Annabelle wanted to show you her favorite playtime toy.  So have a peek at Annabelle in her rolled-up coveralls ready for a rough and tumble time.

Annabelle's Playtime   
Annabelle's Toy
Little Sheepie

The question has been asked as to whether or not I plan to market Annabelle.  I am seriously considering it, but haven't a clue as to how to proceed.  It looks as though a bit of research is in my and Annabelle's future.

Thank you all for your wonderful and supportive comments.  It is so great to see such a nice response to Annabelle.


Sandi said...

Very lovely design, I like how you stitched the outline of the pocket and then had a cuff on top.

Your shee is adorable!

Good luck in your marketing endevour.

Belén said...

Y me gustaria mucho saber como conseguirlo!!!!

Deb said...

I was wondering if you planned on marketing Annabelle also. She is just adorable and I love seeing a new block of her.

Kelli said...

Love Annabelle - and the sheep is too cute! Do think about marketing her as well as your mouse!

Patty C. said...

This is just awesome - You should definitely market this !!!!!

Glenda said...

Yet another adorable design of Annabelle and her special friend, that sheep looks so darn cute. Your stitches must be sooooooooooo small to make it all look so balanced as I'm sure these blocks are not that big???? Cheers Glenda