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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ready for more?

I have been a little busy with Annabelle (again);)  Since the weather here has been so windy and rainy, I thought Annabelle with a cute little raincoat and boots would be appropriate.  Here she is on her blustery day.

Annabelle's Blustery Day  
Annabelle's polka-dotted red boots:
Annabelle has been so much fun to create.  There are still a few more ideas rattling around inside my head for this little bunny.  But....one of the ideas (thank you, Anne Marieke!) was that Annabelle should have a little brother or sister. 
Here we have Annabelle's little brother, Georgie.  Catch a peek at him before he whizzes on by!
A quick peek at his little red scooter...
Georgie's Scooter

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this crazy, little adventure with Annabelle and Georgie.:))


Ineke said...

Your little rabbits are so cute, Michele. You are very talented to design a quilt like this. Looking forward to see more.

Deb said...

She is so, so sweet! I just love every time you post a new block!

Glenda said...

Just laughed at poor Annebella's umbrella turning inside out; we all know how that feels and you have captured the moment beautifully. You are one talented lady. I did spot Georgie as he scooted by, I'm looking forward to seeing what naughty things he gets up to???? Cheers Glenda