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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sneak Peek ;)

Sneak Peek
OK, here it is....just a small look at the progress I have made assembling a few of Annabelle's blocks.

There will be only four blocks for this, since I did not have enough of the blue dot fabric I used to make the arches around Annabelle to make any more.  However, I will probably make a second one with the remaining blocks. There is a second row of two more blocks with the flowers below this one, with a band of 4"x2" 'bricks below each set of two blocks. 

I am planning a bias vine scrolling on the borders.  I think I will try a few of those small pink and green flowers along the vine, as well as a few leaves.

There will be small buttons on each scallop, once I decide on a final border. 

So.....I know it is not a lot to go on, but opinions appreciated!


Karen said...

I like those scallops. You have created a unique quilt.

Darlene said...

Oh my it's looking fabulous. Love the scallops and the idea of the buttons is wonderful. Can't wait to see more. It makes me smile.

Sandi said...

I love the storybook look to your quilt, the colours are just lovely you definitely have a winner.

I'm wondering if the larger blue border would be a bit warmer? It doesn't feel in the same family as the other colours, but it may be just right when viewed in person.

Congratulations on Annabelle and her friends.

Pepe said...

Wonderful!!! You're so talented! What do you mean to do with Annabelle? Please, let us stitch her!!!

Kathy B. said...

All of the sneak peeks at Annabelle have been fun - I am keeping my fingers crossed that we'll soon get a chance to stitch up some cute bunnies as well. The arches, scallops and colors are superb!