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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Workshop

OK, here's my Just Nan Christmas Workshop, so far. I have stitched all the outlines for all the triangles, as well as the tip of each triangle. Since I wasn't overly fond of the elves that are in the original design, I looked through all my Nan charts and picked a few that I did like. In one of the triangles there is my Christmas sheep. Another has a Christmas present. I found a chart for a nice Santa for the third triangle. I am still deciding what I am going to put in the fourth one....an angel, a tree??? Anyway, here's the presentWorkshop-Present and the sheep...Workshop Sheep

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Mindi said...

I really love how you've changed the pattern around a bit, and a wonderful idea. I wasn't too keen on the elves either, but I really love the sheep and present.