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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Emerging from the Pile

is my Woodland Fairy. She has been a WIP for a very long time. Since sorting all my stash, I had set her aside to work on again. She is such a pretty fairy and I want to see my WIP pile come down a little bit....Woodland Fairy WIP

(I am probably going to redo those backstitch lines on her arm, or add a lot of little quarter stitches to fill everything in....I really just do not like all those empty spaces that show. I need to backstitch her lips, too...just did not have DMC 915 to finish them.)


Brenda Lou said...

She's very pretty!! Do our WIP piles ever go down??? LOL

AnneMarieke said...

She's beautiful, Michele!

And yes, errrmmm, WIP piles...;o)