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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Greenery

The part for yesterday was another color green. So far, I am liking this one. Today's part will have gold backstitched snowflakes across the top.

Advent Calendar 2008 WIP(e)

I have not purchased anything for this design, as of yet. There were a couple of color changes, but they were pretty close matches for the recommended threads. I used Crescent Colours Grasshopper for the first part of the greenery and Anchor 278 for the second. The design calls for quite a few crystals (no regular beads). I think I will use the crystals I have on hand, since I really did not want to invest any money into this particular design. Besides, I have soooo much stash, I am sure that I will find something appropriate.


Anonymous said...

It's loking very nice so far!

Basia said...

It's really nice to see how it stitches up. I nominated your blog for the Ubre Amazing Blog Award. Details are on my stitchy blog