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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Golden snowflakes!

Here is yesterday's part (the gold backstitching), as well as today's (the crystal beads):

Advent Calendar 2008 WIP(h)

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Anonymous said...

Nice work! More beads to add today... I'm dying to know what will be in the middle, aren't you?

Jan said...

It's looking great. I didn't get to see last year's done, so it is a pleasure to watch this unfold.

Michele said...

Thanks everyone! This one has been fun to stitch, so far. A few more beads and some bows to add today!

Thanks, Basia for nominating me for the blog award. I have such a difficult time choosing between all the wonderful blogs I read, that I am going to decline naming just a few. All the stitching blogs I read to continue to inspire me with all their wonderful projects. I appreciate your kind words on your blog.