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Friday, April 17, 2009


Well....the name is "Rabbits Prefer Chocolate", you know, as in chocolate bunnies! This is a quilt pattern by Bunny Hilll Designs. Here is the entire quilt http://bunnyhilldesigns.com/store/products/details/?product=BM1061

The picture at the top is my block #1. Now my little chicks don't have their "eyes" yet, since I could not decide on a button, to stitch it or something else. (Not the best picture, as I see now that it is a bit crooked, but I just couldn't wait..)

Just as a note...I have not done any quilting for at least 15 years. Why this one? I really could not tell you for sure. It's sort of like a cross stitch pattern that just calls to you, you know?

Now block #2 is a bit smaller...;)

This quilt is not the original quilt that I wanted by Bunny Hill. The original one was Baltimore Bunnies:


But the quilt store near me did not have it readily available...and I just had to have it, too, so I ordered it. But...there was the Rabbits Prefer Chocolate quilt hanging on the wall!! OMG...just too darn cute when you see it in person...so guess who walked out the door with the pattern and at least (gasp!) 15 fat quarters of fabric!


Gabi said...

Ha...I had 2 right. Chocolate and quilting. Anything is great with chocolate anyway.
I love both bunny designs Michele. They look very lovely. I never quilted before, but know that's quite work involved as well. Looking forward to see more of it...or more of both (soon as the second one arrives )

Isabelle said...

Oh !! Michele, I love your first bloc : it is so adorable and your applique is very nice .....now, you have to find lovely buttons for their eyes or, another solution, make beautiful Colonial knots as do Yoko Saito.....this Bunnies quilt looks really lovely : great choice :))