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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rudolph & Madeline

Two new starts...Rudolph...the last of the reindeer and Madeline, my Letter M Fairy. I love Nora's version of Rudolph. Not too much different than the other reindeer really. But -- I do like how she did his red nose, subtle and nice, but still Rudolph! (the background within the gold gets filled in with some white and beads).

Do you like to start at the top? I do...and it's usually because I like to see the heads rather quickly. In the Mirabilia's the heads have so much going on - lots of color changes for hair, crystals, beads and braids. The reindeer does have a bit of bling, but not so much on the actual head. The little fairies, however, usually have a lot of little beads surrounding the head. What's my point? I guess I like to see the sparkle right away, since I tend to attach the beads as I go, if at all possible.


Anonymous said...

Nice new starts, Michele - you'll have Santa's herd completed real soon!

Deb said...

I love your two new starts!