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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Told ya

...another finish. Did you ever come across one of your projects when you were looking for something else in your stash? This is one of those. I took it out from hiding again the other day and kept thinking...there is not much more to be done on this one to finally have it finished.

This one has been a l o o o n g time in the making. It is the Trick or Treat Fairy by Nora Corbett. My friend, Isabelle, had hand-painted the fabric for me last year specifically for this design. (Thank your, Isabelle!)Take a peek:

I had finished the majority of the stitching on this one last year. It was all those beads! The fabric became about a 36 count after the hand-painting, so attaching the beads was very slow.

Now she is done! Happy Dance Time (again!) (There are those crazy giraffes, Anne Marieke!)


Daffycat said...

Wonderful finish, Michele! ***happy dance***

Isabelle said...

Major congratulations on your finish Michele , your fairy looks really wonderful .
I am so delighted you finished her :-)

Gabi said...

Congrats on that lovely finish. She looks fantastic with all that glitter and glitz. From all Trick and Treat fairies, your's is the best. Because of that fabric. How did your friend get the leaves on it? Gosh I would LOVE to have a fabric like that.

Michele said...

I'm not exactly sure of Isabelle's process. If I remember correctly, she told me she gathered some leaves from her garden and placed them on the fabric. Then she painted the fabric with the golden color. She did say she boiled the fabric after to set the color. Pretty nice, huh?