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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Bunnies

The last buttons and bows and trim were attached yesterday after I had finished piecing the border.....Do you know how difficult it is to try and get a picture of a quilt? I was only taking pictures of each block as I had it completed. I tried stretching it out on the sofa, then the bed...and then the floor. It does not show a very good picture of the fancy scalloped border, but I was trying to get a picture or two before my camera batteries die (again)...Maybe this one is better..

I'm pretty happy with it overall. I can definitely see where I have improved from the beginning. Plus one of the (ahem...;) benefits was the increase to my fabric stash. := o

Keep watching ~ maybe another happy dance very soon!


AnneMarieke said...

Oh WOW, that is one HUGE project, Michele, and so pretty too. The whole idea of chocolate bunnies is lovely. Enjoy the quilting!

Deb said...

Oh my gosh. What an absolutely sweet quilt! I love it so much. I know how hard it is to photograph them because they are so large, but I can still tell that it's wonderful.

Isabelle said...

Wow My God Michele, you really made a stunning work on this quilt : wonderful ...many, many congratulations ...I definitively love it ....now off to quilting :-))

Michele said...

Thanks everyone! () ()
. .