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Monday, October 5, 2009


Not a lot of stitching has been happening around here this weekend. Family stuff...then I woke up Sunday and decided it was time to clean out and reorganize my bedroom! Started at the top and worked my way down! From ceiling fan, to walls, to windows and then just all the accumulated "stuff". Everything got sorted, taken out, thrown out or cleaned!

Now everything is nice and neat and tidy! :) Since my stitching chair is in this room, I tend to "collect" a lot of my stitching stuff around me. So, it was time.

I did, however, work on the finishing of my little Gingerbread House, just a little on Friday. But once I started attaching the sides together, I was not happy. I took it all apart and restarted it. I do not really like the whip stitch joining. So instead, I did a variation on the C. A. Wells method (I should say I started). The house bottom is almost done (again!) Maybe a few pictures later, if it gets done. ;)


Deb said...

Wow, Michele - could you stop by my house while you have all that energy and clean mine. I've been sick with the flu for two weeks and do you think the other residents of the house would clean??? Silly question, of course. Can't wait to see your Gingerbread House.

Isadarena said...

You are really too funny , Michele :-)) If i had the same energy to clean my house, it would be great !!
fortunately Michel is here ....to help me.
Enjoy your finishing :-))

Daffycat said...

Oh, my! My entire house needs that ~ a top to bottom clean out. I've been terribly lazy this year.

Good for you!

corinna said...

spic and span
and now you are just tidying together the gingerbread house