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Friday, November 6, 2009

OK.....where have you been?

I know that's what your saying....where the heck is she?

Well, finishing up those curtains. Sewing and cutting and pressing 7 yards of fabric. Not difficult sewing-wise....just tedious trying to maneuver all that fabric! But I finished up the long plaid pair last night.

However....no pictures yet, since I cannot hang them until Dave (my husband) puts up a new curtain rod for me. He couldn't put up the curtain rod last night, since he was painting that wall.
Tonight for sure! I cannot wait to see how they all look together.

Time for a little curtain happy dance!


corinna said...

hoorah for your drapery dance
looking forward to your pics

Ineke said...

Thanks Michele!
Now I am really looking forward to see the colours of your new curtains.