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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


First, let me apologize to Anne Marieke. She sent me this gorgeous ornament as a Christmas present. Beautiful, isn't it? I totally forgot to post a picture of it when I got it, as I wanted to hang it up where I could see it right away. Thank you, thank you so much,
Anne Marieke!

Second, my first ornament of the SAL with Anne Marieke, Ineke, Isabelle and Giovanna is from Little House Needleworks. It is the first in their yearly series, called Fa La La. I have to find some nice red beads to attach, which are the final touch for this one. :)
(Plus, I may take out the red French knots for the mouths....as I am really not happy with the clowny look they give the little girls faces.)


Giovanna said...

Nice start of the ornie SAL, and what a gorgeous one from Anne Marieke!

Blu said...

What an absolutely stunning ornament!

Isadarena said...

Anne-Marieke ornament is just stunning !!!
and your first ornie is very cute :-))

Anne Marieke said...

Don't worry, Michele, and you're welcome!

And to Gio, Blu and Isa: thanks for your compliments.