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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Odd picture, no?  This is only one of the words I am currently stitching into the outer borders of my reindeer quilt.  I guess I really should say "quilting" the words into the border.  I am using #8 perle cotton to help make the words a bit more noticeable than if I used quilting thread.  Oh, and yes, those stitches are much bigger than I would normally quilt. :)
Words, you say, what words?  Well, from The Night Before Christmas, of course!
"Now Dasher, now Dancer,
 Now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet!  On Cupid!
On Donner and Blitzen!"
and the line
"Now dash away, dash away.
Dash away, all!"


Ineke said...

What a great idea to use words to quilt! I've never thought of that.
You are keeping up the surprise by not showing more of the quilt ;0)

Deb said...

Michele - it looks lovely. That is such a great idea to have those words stitched around the quilt!!

Gabi said...

I'm so curious how the letters will look on the complete thing. It must be beautiful.

Blu said...

What a cool idea putting those words around it. Can't wait to see the bigger picture...*taps foot*

Michele said...

It is very difficult to get a full size picture of this quilt...believe me, I have tried. I can get the whole thing, but then all the details are lost or the colors are wrong. Mainly, I cannot get the entire thing into one picture. I may have to take the quilt outside and hang it on my fence to try and get a full size view. But...a few more words first! ;)

Giovanna said...

So pretty!

Isadarena said...

Your words sound very nice, like a poem , Michele:-)) and they will look beautiful on your finished quilt : you had an original idea: I love it !!
Have a nice Saturday,

Michele said...

Thanks, everyone! Plugging away on those words...;))