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Monday, November 14, 2011

The butterflies and dragonflies...

the pears and snails....all together!  My completed Block 2 for In My Garden (Hatched and Patched Designs) is below:

These blocks are big...approximately 21 inches!  I have only done two blocks; when you think about it, the quilt is already 40 inches or so wide.  Gonna be a biggie!

Edited to add:

Geez!!  How could I forget??  I don't want to be on this guy's "naughty" list, that's for sure!
I had finished the wool felt applique for this guy last week.  I made him into a funky pillow with Jingle All the Way fabrics. :))


Bunny said...

Love your Santa. He is too darn cute.

Esther said...

Yes I think he's cute too. It all looks so lovely!