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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little Christmas Fun

I really liked this free BOM from Lynette Anderson when I signed up for it.  I made one little block right away.  However, in the midst of all my many and varied projects, it fell by the wayside.  I decided I needed a little something different to work on for a day or so.  I started another block for this cute project...the Santa.  I also decided to go in a completely different direction than the first block...can you guess??  ;)  ....wool felt for the applique....not so different for me. However, different from what is recommended in the pattern.

I also worked on two of the heart blocks that will go with the snowman.
I am using Lynette's Scandanavian Christmas fabric for these blocks.


Anne Marieke said...

That's ever so cute, Michele! Great idea to use wool felt for it.

Christine said...

What a gorgeous Christmas wool project! It's really eye-catching!
Love you work!

Melody said...

I'm stitching this too, but I've fallen behind. You've inspired me to pick mine up again.