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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A new bag....

OK....finally, a new bag for myself, that is not tooo huge, not too small, but just right!  Sounds like Goldilocks, huh?  I can carry my wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and still have some room left for a few odds and ends.  I can also use it as a shoulder bag or use the extra long straps to go over my head and across my body, too.

I have been saving this panel fabric, since I made my first purse from another section of it (which has been totally worn out).  I still have one more square of it left...it has some cute crows on it... for another time.

And...a big finish is on its way!  Blessings of Summer is almost done.:)  A few more of the stars need to be appliqued in the outer border to be complete.   Hey, just in time to get started on another new BOM....Sweetheart Houses by Shabby Fabrics!  My first block arrived yesterday. :)

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