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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something different

at least for me, that is!  I don't usually make purses or totes and such.  However, my son, Mike went with me to my LQS (Bears Paw Fabrics) yesterday.   He was wandering around the store while I got all the things I needed.  Just as I was getting ready to check out...he says, "Hey, Mom, do you think you can make one of these for Amanda (his girlfriend)?  Then he says, by next Thursday?  and showing me a pattern of a small tote bag. So I sent him looking around the store again to pick out some fabrics for this little tote.  He found the main fabric, and I helped him match the two other fabrics to use with it.  As we are checking out, he then says, "How long do you think it will take you to make it?"  I told him probably about 4-6 hours.  He came by this afternoon for our cookout, and asked if I had started to work on it.  I said...'oh, maybe a little...." ;) He said, "can I see what you have so far?"....and I showed him:

A cute little tote to hold your cellphone, sunglasses and a small wallet.  Mike said it looked great and and was thrilled that I had already finished it.


missy said...

Ohhhh I LOVE it. The colors are great. I love that it hold so much. WTG.


Milah Frost said...

Lucky girlfriend!

Anne Marieke said...

What a lucky young girl to have such a caring boyfriend and MIL!

Great work, Michele!